Judith White




Judith White was born in Sydney, trained at the National Art School in the early 1970’s, and gained a Bachelor of  Arts majoring in Fine Arts through Sydney University in 1984. Judith has been a practising professional for 50 years with 45 solo exhibitions in many of the capital cities of Australia, and in Nagoya, Japan in 1993.

She founded and administered a private art school in Sydney from 1978 to 1988.

Judith began her career working in pure watercolour. The use of collage in the early 1980’s was a consequence of her work addressing political issues such as  tourism and the environment. Several journeys to the desert regions, in particular the environs of Lake Eyre in the 1990’s, revolutionised Judith’s painting process to include working in mixed media. Judith has also collaborated in several exhibitions with photographer Michele Brouet combining watercolour with photographically transferred images. This joint work culminated in an exhibition entitled Duo Urban at the Armidale Regional Gallery in 2004.

Other collaborations include a performance program titled The Painted Bach with cellist Rachel Scott. In 2016 the Painted Bach was performed as part of the City of Perth winter Arts Festival.









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