Judith White


A River has it’s own story, a history as a flow of time, imbued with myth, poetry and personal memories.
A river can symbolise the human life cycle; the river of life.
The series of paintings riverstories embody these ideas where elements of nature run through people, land, water and sky. Past lives swim in the shadows, and figures move from the present, through the symbolism of a boat, to become fragmented and elemental.

Maitland Regional Art Gallery
10 February - 8 April 2012


Judith discusses Riverstories with Susan Butler


Postcards from the Edge

Despite the in-roads of technology and the dominance of email, postcards still have some cultural potency.
They encapsulate the idea of travel, and make a visual record of a moment of personal history. We mark our presence in a particular place and time.
The postcard is a small document, post-marked to become a souvenier of a visit to the gallery; a personal piece of the story of a river.

Maitland Regional Art Gallery
24 February - 29 April 2012

Postcards From the Edge


These paintings explore a sense of chaos and energy within the Australian landscape. Each composition contains elements that interact, collide or spontaneously coalesce across a rich, tactile surface of the canvas. The viewer is immersed within spaces that have a sense of moving air or water, juxtaposed with luminous washes that create a stillness at once meditative and visually reflective. A sense of regeneration and transition is evident as human form and fragments of landscape merge and shift.

Beaver Galleries
14 June to 3 July 2012



The exhibition In[two]art features an impressive convergence of recent works from sixty significant Australian artists.

Touring these regional galleries:
S H Ervin Gallery, Sydney – 6 July to12 August 2012
Orange Regional Gallery NSW – 17 August to 23 September 2012
Goulburn Regional Art Gallery NSW – 25 January to 28 February 2013
Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery VIC – 22 March to 28 April 2013
Wollongong City Gallery NSW – March to May 2014
Grafton Regional Gallery NSW – 14 May to 29 June 2014
Dalby Regional Gallery QLD – 1 July to 31 August 2014