Judith White


As a title for an exhibition the word perfusion aptly combines the arena of art practice with the world of medical research. The term can refer to the diffusion of liquid or colour and also more pertinent to medical science, the direction or flow of liquids and dyes through the organs of the human body.
The linking factor for the artist was the notion of the human body, both in the wider context of landscape and the natural environment, and the internal landscape; the world within the human body.
Natural forces flow though and are part of human form with a random sense of construction and destruction. Paintings are imbued with sense of generational flow, the human connection to natural elements such as land, earth and sky, and the inner and emotional worlds of mind and matter.

Maitland Regional Art Gallery
17 November 2012 to 20 January 2013



Judith discusses landscape painting with Susan Butler and Kerry McInnis in conjunction with the opening of their exhibitions - "Frontier" by Judith White, "The Ross River" by Kerry McInnis.

Wagner Art Gallery
23 March to 17 April 2013