Judith White


The paintings in this series continue my interest in the elemental; shifts of light, unseen energy, and the context and presence of water. In past series these ideas have played out in a reference to the natural environment, including the realms of the human body.

Travelling to cities in different parts of the world, triggered a need to use the urban environment as a place of context to express a sense of the human condition. As Australians many of us live in cities and while the landscape is a dominating source of inspiration, the urban to me has an equally powerful resonance.

Built environs and public spaces interest me, and these are reflected in geometric patterns and shapes in urban lakes. These human elements impose on nature. Often in public spaces water is compartmentalised in the construct of a fountain
Abstract shapes and spaces refer to railway stations, city centres, bus terminals, and parks that can be shadowed or sunlit, infused by the transient energy that is the essence of the urban landscape.

Beaver Galleries, Canberra
5 February - 3 March 2015