Judith White


Judith White employs, in this new series of paintings, her unique layering process.
For this first exhibition with Linton & Kay, titled Centrum, Judith has found inspiration from her travels in France, Finland and Russia. The word centrum is a Scandinavian term used to describe a town or city centre, regardless of the population density. A town centre can be a tiny park, or massive gardens framed by formidable buildings, monuments and boulevardes. One could read these paintings as just universal urban maps with shapes and spaces referring in an abstract manner to parks, paths, gardens, rotundas and surrounding buildings, but ultimately they describe a more ambiguous interplay between the natural environment and human urban construction. The paintings draw the eye into a maze of visual interpretations that resonate with an imaginative and personal experience of place.

Linton & Kay Galleries, Perth
8 May - 25 May 2014